Why you should own a Chihuahua!!

I had always wanted a Chihuahua, since being young, but was never allowed one due to the stereotype of being ‘snappy’ and ‘hard work’. After years of persuasion, I was allowed to get one and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and she doesn’t meet the stereotype.

1)When they are a puppy, they fit into the palm of your hand. They are small little fur babies and will sleep most of the time, then have a mad 5 minutes. Not only is this incredibly cute, but when they finally find their bark, it’s the sweetest thing ever.


2) Each has their own personality! This is so true. For me Luna is very mischievous, loving and adventurous. If she doesn’t like something, she will turn her nose up. If she’s annoyed with you – she will avoid eye contact. Very bizarre, but she defiantly has a sassy, diva personality. She also much prefers men to woman!


3)Endless cuddles and kisses – she will want attention all the time. But, when she is tired and wants her own space – she will take herself off to bed.



4) Upset? She will run over and try and catch your tears – it’s so cute and will reverse your mood instantly.


5) They will give you this look, if they’ve misbehaved:


6) They will demand their own ‘dog friendly’ sunday roast – as they don’t want to be left out.


7) Lets no forget birthdays!


8) They are stubborn! If they are used to a certain route around the park, then they will dig their feet in if you are try to change it…


9) They sleep like humans and will hog your bed…


10) They love Christmas!


11) ‘Small dog syndrome’, is so similar to small man syndrome. Although they are small, they defiantly make up for this in character. They are confident and won’t be intimidated. Mine is really confident with people and dogs, although some barks at them, mine doesn’t and will instead lick their noses – so cute.


12) The ‘snappy’ stereotype is down to the dog and the way the owner brings them up. Luna doesn’t bark or snap at people, kids or dogs. The only time she’s vocal is when she’s really threatened or scared. One time a man approached the window side of the drivers seat – and she wouldn’t stop barking. It was quite amusing, as she never does this. This was just because she was scared and is only territorial when someone is acting very out of the ordinary. She also can be protective of her dog bed – but that is understandable.


13) They can wear cute adorable outfits!


14) They follow you everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I took her to my local shop, where the shopkeeper calls her ‘my mascot’.


15) They will do random things, which will make you laugh… Luna was in the garden growling so I run out there. Turns out it was a new object in the garden and she was growling at it as she was unsure of it. It was also followed by her usual ‘paw lift’ when she’s unsure of something.


16) She’s obsessed with toilet paper!


17)They’ll sleep anywhere..


18) They’re easy to bath – but not too impressed!


19) She’s obsessed with babies and I mean OBSESSED. I took her to the vets and she wasn’t bothered about the dogs scattered everywhere, but was crying because she wasn’t to see the baby in the pram. I told her no but she was persistent because she wanted to see the baby. My nephew also comes round a lot, and she is so hyper and just wants to see him. She runs with her feet together, and sprints just to go and see him.


20) Their your favorite fan!


Thank you Luna for being the best dog! And making me laugh endlessly ❤

If you don’t own a Chihuahua then you should for: laughter, adventure, lessons and a lifetime buddy.


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